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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Good Advice Law!

I love New Year's Eve, one year my resolution was "to get better sleep," so I only stay up long enough to watch the ball drop on the east coast. While I may not stay up past midnight anymore, I do stop and reflect upon what has changed over the year, grateful that I have survived and orienting myself toward what is to come.

2023 was an exciting year for Good Advice law. We moved locations to 22400 S.E. Stark Street to make the office more accessible for people with disabilities and mobility issues, we hired several new staff members, and we expanded the practice to focus on Special Needs Trusts for people who need to keep government benefits and Medicaid Income Cap Trusts for people who need to qualify for benefits.  

So how was your year? What changed for you? Did you add any new family members? Did any pass away or get divorced? How is your health and the health of your loved ones? As circumstances change, it is important to make sure that the plans and preparations we have made are correctly aligned with our current goals. 

To that end, consider reviewing your estate plan with and estate planning attorney who can keep you updated on the most recent changes in the law and ensure that you are protecting your rights during your lifetime and ensuring that as much money as possible goes from you to your heirs with as little as possible going to the government or attorneys.

Happy Holidays and Happy 2024 from Good Advice Law!

Stay Safe and Drive Sober so I can do your Estate Plan and not your Probate!

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